Inner Cause By Martin Brofman

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$ 35.99
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Explores the body as a map of consciousness, where physical symptoms reflect stresses on our minds, emotions, and Higher Self . The body is intimately connected to the mind and the Spirit. Each physical symptom reflects a deeper part of our Spirit and consciousness, the part the Western traditions know as the unconscious or subconscious. When we make a decision that leaves us with stress, it affects our consciousness, and therefore our energy field or aura. When the tension increases in intensity, it reaches the physical level where it creates a symptom. This means that if we make a different decision, or change our mind about something, we can let go of this stress, and the symptom. The symptom itself is not the problem, just a message that, once understood, has fulfilled its purpose and can be released. By Martin Brofman. Foreword by; Christian Schaller. Findhom Press, 376 pages, s/c.

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